Our journey has taken us to over 40 doctors and top hospitals throughout the East Coast looking for help over the past 20 years for our 3 children that had suffered with Lyme Disease along with mold and toxic exposures. In the summer of 2014, at a low point in their health, we decided to sell our home in Maryland and moved our family to Tampa, FL. After our move, we received a new education from our doctors and started learning how important it is to live and stay in a home that is mold free, chemical free and one that has healthy water. We purchased a home in Tampa that was built in 2006. After living in it for a few months and after starting treatment we had our home inspected by Mold Matters and they found mold in both our air conditioners. Fortunately, they were able to remediate it. In addition, we also met many families that have traveled from all over the world to come to Tampa Bay for treatment. We have witnessed too many times where families ended up staying in rental homes or hotels that were full of mold and chemicals. Their treatment was severely impacted and many of these patients actually got sicker. It was at that time we decided there needed to be a service that provides safe housing and support for families traveling to our area. That is why we started Healthier Stay. Our mission is to be Patient Advocates and to provide healthy and safe places for patients and their families to stay. The first step in getting treatment is to stop the exposure.

We have spent the past 5 years learning how to best create healthy living environments that have the right balance of healthy air, water and lower EMFs. We have researched, tested, networked with many top experts and manufactures. Healthier Stay has partnered with amazing experts, manufactures and services to create our Healthier Stay units.

Whether you stay with us or not, we are here to serve you. We will share our story and do everything we can to ensure you find a healthy, safe, affordable and place to stay along with flexible terms. We are available 7 days a week. You will be part of our family during your stay. We will help ensure all your needs are met plus we will provide you with education and tools to create your own Healthier Home.